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We are officially sold out for 2023, thank you so much for your support. We will have to make more mooncakes next year. We will have solo mooncakes available in our Oakland and some custom boxes that you can select flavors. Please come in and see us! 


Bake Sum × Sheng Kee Bakery Special Edition Mooncakes


Bake Sum and Sheng Kee Bakery have joined forces this Mooncake season to present an exquisite collection of mooncakes, inspired by Bake Sum's delicious pastries.


This year, we'll be offering a limited number of boxes. Each box will have 8 mooncakes, and includes 2 each of the following original flavors: 


  • Coconut Mango: This mooncake is filled with a white bean (shiro anko) and toasted coconut  flakes with a golden yellow mango pate de fruit at the center. It has the look and feel of a traditional egg yolk mooncake but with a lighter, fruitier, island vibe. 


  • Black Sesame Yuzu: Black sesame often underpins many of Bake Sum's most popular pastry, like our black sesame snickerdoodle and our black sesame kumquat croissant. We combine a nutty toasted black sesame with a refreshingly tart yuzu pate de fruit at the center. 


  • Pineapple Magrut Lime: Our pineapple magrut lime mooncake is a dual nod to both the traditional Taiwanese Pineapple Cakes and our popular Pineapple Buns at Bake Sum. Pineapple often symbolizes good luck and fortune coming your way and who doesn't want more of that? 


  • Hojicha White Chocolate: This flavor combination is a popular one for a fall beverages from our Director of Operations, Ari Daoheuang. Our Hojicha White Chocolate Mocha is one that we look forward to all year long. The toasted tea notes from the hojicha pair beautifully with Valrhona's Ivoire white chocolate chunks. 


Chef Sandy Kim in colloboration with Chef Joyce Tang has worked their culinary magic to make these flavors exceptional through hours and hours of testing and research. Our talented designer, Jackie Chou, has lent his artistry to craft the mooncake box and molds of our dreams. 


For those within our local delivery range, we've partnered with Neon to offer $6 for local delivery, and there's no additional fee if you opt for pick-up at Bake Sum or one of our partner coffee and tea shops.


Orders of 2 boxes or more will be shipped to your doorstep free of charge. Use promo code MOONCAKES23 when you place your order.

Bake Sum × Sheng Kee Bakery Special Edition Mooncakes

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