Our cookie variety pack, comes with a Hojicha double chocolate, Coconut Ube aka Coco Bae, Chocolate Chip and Black Sesame Snickerdoodle  


Specify your preferred date & location in the drop down menu. Our cookies are nut free with the exception of the Coco Bae which contains coconut oil. 


Contain: Butter, Wheat, Eggs and Black Sesame 

Sum Cookies

  • Bread Project, 1615 University Avenue, Berkeley, CA between 11-1 PM on Friday and Saturday 


    Red Giant Coffee Roasters, 2400 Broadway Unit 110, Redwood City, CA between 1:30-3:30PM on Friday 


    Golden Goat Coffee 599 3rd St #100, San Francisco, CA 94107 between 12-2PM on Friday


    Grand Coffee  2663 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA between 12-4PM on Saturday. 


    Specify your preferred date and location in the drop down menu. Your confirmation email will always specify Berkeley, but your choice in the dropdown menu will override.