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Elaine & Joyce started Bake Sum in 2020 just in time for the pandemic making pastries and sweets that represent their upbringings. We love all things leavened, fluffy and delicious and utilize our skills as trained fine dining chefs to bring you memorable pastries. We believe that pastries should be fun, beautiful, creative, and above all delicious.

The word "Sum" or 心 has many meanings and when translated directly into Cantonese Chinese it means heart. Sum also represents the addition of two or more things, people and/or ingredients. With Bake Sum, we share with you a little piece of our hearts in each pastry. We hope to meet you soon. 

About Elaine:  

Elaine grew up in her family’s restaurant and always loved the atmosphere of people coming together over good food. She graduated from The Culinary Institute of America in Greystone for Culinary Arts.


She has always loved the availability of seasonal produce and the abundance of high quality and unique products that the Bay Area offered where she was born and raised. Torn between her love of cooking and baking, Elaine would often work in both savory and dabble in pastry at the restaurants she’s worked. Though Elaine is classically trained in french cooking she often pulls flavors and techniques from her Asian roots. 


Elaine approached Joyce from La Chinoiserie so that she could learn Viennoiserie before she setting off on her own. After working together to build a pastry program for a local Boba company, they decided to start something new together: Bake Sum.



City of D’Lights now Cafe Attila



Nico Modern Bistro

About Joyce: 

Joyce is also a Bay Area native and worked in Silicon Valley for nearly a decade before she enrolled at the San Francisco Cooking School to focus on pastry. Starting her pastry career a bit later than her peers, she worked in as many restaurants as she could in the Bay Area to gain more experience before opening up her own bakery business, La Chinoiserie. In 2017, Joyce worked with El Celler de Can Roca while on world tour in San Francisco and won an all expenses paid externship to Spain while pregnant. 

After working for the Roca brothers, Joyce came home with a renewed focus on La Chinoiserie with her pastries stocked throughout many local coffee shops when she finally met and began working with Elaine. La Chinoiserie and Joyce have been covered in publications like, the SF Chronicle, NPR and on KTVU. 

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