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Let's Come Together....

Hi Friends,

Hope everyone is keeping safe. It's been an incredibly sad and scary week and we are shaken to our core. Never in our lifetimes has it been so dangerous to be an Asian American. Our entire team identifies proudly as AAPI.

At Bake Sum, we will continue to fundraise for with every loaf of bread we sell in March. Consider also donating to: Asian Americans Advancing Justice to help represent victims who cannot speak or represent themselves.

On a much different note, pre-orders for Bake Sum Boxes are open now. Ordering closes a full 24 hours prior to pick up to allow for enough prep time. We hope to make the AAPI community proud by representing a broad swath of flavors and stories in each of our pastries.

Bake Sum Boxes pickup locations:

1615 University Avenue, Berkeley

Pick-ups on Friday 3/26 and Saturday 3/27, from 11am-1pm

*Also available for à la carte orders on a first come, first served basis

599 3rd St #100, San Francisco, CA 94107

Pick-ups on Friday 3/26, from 12-2PM

*Also available for à la carte orders on a first come, first served basis

2663 Mission Street, San Francisco

Pick-ups on Saturday 3/27, from 12pm-4pm

*Also available for à la carte orders on a first come, first served basis

2400 Broadway Street, Unit 110, Redwood City

Pick-ups on Friday 3/26, from 1:30-3:30PM

Not able to snag a box on our website? Here are some other options:

Each pastry box includes:

Strawberry Matcha Cruffin: Our croissant dough filled with a strawberry curd and then dipped in a matcha sugar to finish and topped with a strawberry meringue. Spring is coming!

Vietnamese Coffee Bun: Fluffy milk bread filled with a vietnamese, chicory coffee infused custard and topped with a crunchy, brown concha inspired top.

Green Onion Croissant: "A barely contained bouffant of golden pastry that is remarkable not just for its airy interior — green flecks of scallion trapped in the web of translucent dough" as described in the SF Chronicle. We layer in black and white sesame with a toasted sesame oil and green onions into our croissant dough and then bake until golden.

Okonomiyaki Danish: Inspired by the Japanese pancake, Okonomiyaki, this danish is topped with a veggie mornay and finished with Kewpie Mayonnaise, Okonomiyaki sauce, furikake, and bonito flakes.

Almond Cake: A decadent and rich cake that we recommend enjoying with some tea. It's topped with sliced almonds and is one of our fan favorites.

Mochi bites: Our mochi bites come in four flavors — Ube, Black Sesame, Blue Jasmine and Thai Tea. Inspired by Hawaiian butter mochi, they're crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside, and perfect for retoasting the next day too.

We encourage you to pick up early as anything not picked up at the end of the day will be donated. Please stay healthy, sane and safe out there. As always, share any thoughts, feedback or comments with us as we would love to hear them.

We hope to see you soon.

Made with love,

Joyce & the Bake Sum Team

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