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Sheltering In Place (AGAIN)

Hi Friends, The Bay Area is into another round of quarantine and it has us feeling pretty meh. We hope that these stricter measures for four weeks pass by quickly and that our health care professionals can get things back under control. We will continue offering our pre-paid, pre packaged pastry boxes to minimize contact and request that à la carte items be paid for via venmo if possible. Bake Sum Boxes pickup locations:

1615 University Avenue, Berkeley

Pick-ups on Friday (12/11) and Saturday (12/12), from 11am-1pm

*Also available for à la carte orders on a first come, first served basis

2663 Mission Street, San Francisco

Pick-ups on Saturday (12/12), from 12pm-4pm

*Also available for à la carte orders on a first come, first served basis

2400 Broadway Street, Unit 110, Redwood City

Pick-ups on Friday (12/11), from 12pm-1pm

Not able to snag a box on our website? Here are some other options:

Each pastry box includes: Chocolate Banana Croissant - A double baked croissant that's filled with a roasted banana pastry cream, chocolate and fresh bananas and topped with an almond cookie top. Croissubi - Our take on the popular Hawaiian street snack - the Spam Musubi. We marinate slices of spam with umami sauce, togarashi and then finished with crispy parmesan cheese Jasmine Strawberry Concha Bun - Fluffy milk bread filled with a jasmine green tea custard and strawberry jam topped with a crunchy pink strawberry concha inspired top. Corn Cheese Danish - Our danish is inspired by the popular Korean bar snack. It's filled with sweet white corn, a cheesy mornay and topped with parmesan cheese. Almond Cake - A decadent and rich cake that we recommend enjoying with some tea. It's topped with sliced almonds and a bit of demerara sugar and cocoa nib for crunch Mochi bites - Butter mochi inspired confections are crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside. They come in four flavors: brown butter, black sesame, ube and Thai tea We encourage you to pick up early as anything not picked up at the end of the day will be donated. Please stay healthy and safe out there. As always, share any thoughts, feedback or comments with us as we would love to hear them.

A photo of our latest Chocolate Banana Croissant. With darkness, there is also light. We hope to see you soon. Made with love, Joyce & the Bake Sum Team

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