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Coming Down the Peninsula!

Hope everyone is staying healthy, happy and sane! Bake Sum Boxes are available for pre-order for this Friday and Saturday. On deck this week are the: 

Milk Tea Custard Bun is made from our fluffy milk bread and filled with a milk tea custard. It comes with a crunchy top which is inspired by conchas as well as the pineapple bun. 

Corn Cheese Danish is a pastry that takes its cues from the popular Korean bar snack, it's savory, sweet and cheesy

Yuzu Meringue Morning Bun is back again this week and is a new favorite filled with fluffy yuzu curd and dipped in citrus sugar 

Croissubi is our signature Spam Musubi Croissant filled with umami sauce, spam, seaweed and topped with cheese and housemade togarashi 

Mochi Bite 4 pack in Ube, Thai Tea, Brown Butter and Black Sesame 

Seasonal Plum Danish It's getting to the end of plum season right now and we're trying to savor every last bit of it. We are excited to share this all with you this week! 

An action photo of Elaine torching the Yuzu Meringue Bun. 

We are piloting an extra special pick up location at Menlo Park this week from 12-2PM on Saturday. Please specify in the drop down menu when ordering where you would like to pick up your order so we can get it to the right place. If it works, we can try making this a more regular occurrence, so please tell all your friends it!

Lastly, we wanted to share a special project we completed recently with the Asian Art Museum. We created a sponge cake for National Sponge Cake Day and used inspiration from the 100 Flowers Vase in their collection. If you should have any special events coming up however small or smaller, we would love to work with you as well. Please just reach out to us at

Thanks for reading and we hope to see you soon, 

Elaine & Joyce 

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